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When Lizzy Gardiner accepted her Oscar for Best Costume Design at the 67th Academy Awards, she looked out over the crowd. "I've made it," she thought to her 25-year-old self. Thankfully the moment of shameful self-congratulation lasted about two seconds …
Then she remembered she was wearing a dress made out of 254 gold American Express credit cards and she was going to have to spend the rest of the night avoiding PAY-WAVE venues in case she rang up thousands in debt by accidentally standing too close to the till.
 No, really, it was 1995 and PAY-WAVE wasn't invented yet but Gardiner's reputation as the wildly inventive designer behind “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”, had been. Lizzy also won Best Costume at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and Best Costume Design at the Australian Film Institute Awards.

Since then, she has designed international hit films in a variety of genres including comedy, satire, thriller, action, sci-fi, supernatural, superhero, horror, drama, period and LGBT films.

Gardiner's reputation as a talented creative is enhanced by her ability to bring vision to life through exceptional organization and respectful working relationships. 
She is meticulous in her script analysis, living and breathing each story and era, as she helps actors find their characters and each production its vision. "I don’t think people are aware how vulnerable an actor is. Trust has to be gained," says Gardiner. "There is never enough time and there are strong opinions coming from every direction. Collaboration is key; it's the ability to hear many ideas and then settle on the right idea (which is not necessarily your own).
There is no place for an outsized ego as a costume designer."


Gardiner has received countless accolades for her work including a Tony and an Olivier award for her costumes in Priscilla, the musical, however it's her sense of humor, and willingness to embrace the ridiculous that has won her repeat bookings.


“The recognition from my peers and heroes has gone way beyond any expectations but the film and television industry makes sure you remain grounded."




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